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17083 East 14th St, Hayward, CA

To our valued community, We are back to our normal operating hours 

Pool and Spa Chemicals

Get all the pool & spa chemicals you'll need to help keep your pool & spa safe, clean, and clear. 

Hayward's Most Trusted Store For Swimming Pool Chemicals

Richard C.

"I get all my pool supplies from Lucky's. Run by Laura and Eric. The shop is run by Laura, very knowledgeable, can answer your questions. Eric does onsite installations and repairs."

East Bay

Tom W.

"My parents and I have purchased all of our pool supplies and equipment from Lucky's Pool Center for over 20 years. This is a family owned business with Laura and Eric very knowledgeable and providing outstanding service, high quality supplies and equipment. This is by far the best pool supply and service center in the Bay Area!"

Bay Area

Dan R.

"Just had a pool heater and pump installed by Eric best experience ever Laura and Eric are great team, straight shooters, honest good people, hard to find these days, thanks guys."

Castro Valley, Ca

Get Clear Results With Quality Swimming Pool Chemicals

Get quality chemicals and advice to keep your swimmers safe while in your pool and spa. Our pool & spa chemicals will help kill any harmful microbes and help protect from stains & green algae. Are you having issues keeping your pool or spa clean? Contact us today for advice on pool chemicals.

  • Free Water Test 

  • Acids

  • Algaecides

  • Balancers

  • Natural Cleaners

  • Tile Cleaners

  • Sanitizers

  • Clarifier

  • Shock Oxidizer

  • Raw Chemicals

  • Bromine Tablets

  • Alkalinity Up

  • Chlorine

  • Liquid Chlorine

  • Calcium Booster

  • Conditioners

Keeping Pools and Spas

Safe, Clean, and Clear

With Products From

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